Start Ups

If you have ideas submit it online to MIT. When evaluation committee finds it worth supporting/funding, it will be informed to you

For details please visit link

MIT Is Learning By Doing, Two Start Ups Are Already Functioning At MIT Nurture Earth R&D Pvt Ltd is engaged in technology development & currently handling BIRAC GoI funded project for Nano-magnetic Ablation of Cancer cells and completed in past projects on Algae to Omega 3 using waste sugar as a feedstock and One Step Biodiesel technology using waste oil as a feedstock. Both these were completed for USA based companies leading to export of plant equipment and patent filing. is an “Agri IOT” start up created with an objective to carry on the activities of farming, processing, engineering, manufacturing, trading, training & education, R&D in the areas of Agriculture, Food, Fodder and Pharmaceutical with special focus on Vegan. Proposed 30000 sq feet incubation and innovation center at MIT