Special Schemes

The following special schemes are offered to deserving students based on merit:
1. Earn and learn scheme : Few deserving students are offered the benefits of this unique Earn and Learn scheme. Under this scheme, the students are given an opportunity to serve for petty jobs on the campus and then paid some paltry amount to support his / her education. The student gets some financial relief under such scheme. Deserving students are identified and recommended by the departments for this scheme. Every year around ten students get benefits under this scheme.
2. Book bank facility : Five topper students from every class are considered every year as recipients of the special book bank scheme. Under this special scheme for toppers, these topper students are issued one set of five books from the Library for complete one term (semester) without any charges, which otherwise is a chargeable scheme for all other students.
3. Children of those fateful farmers who have committed suicides : It has been seen since last decade that families of farmers from rural areas are facing acute problems due to crop loss on account of incessant shortfall of rains or natural calamities like excess rainfall, untimely heavy rains, hailstorms, draughts, etc. In quite a few cases the sole breadwinnergoes to the extent of committing suicide. The dependents are then put to a great amount of misery and agony; children are often forced to leave education or are deprived of education. In view of this grave situation in rural parts of the state, the Management of this organization decided to sponsor education of such distressed children as a social obligation. An appeal was made by the Management of this organization to all the District Collectors to recommend such cases for their education, especially if it is technical education. Upon recommendation, the Institution will make the entire education free to such students which will also include their lodging and boarding for the entire duration of education.
4. Teaching assistance to students of PG : Few students pursuing post graduate courses in different departments are offered Teaching Assistantship depending upon the requirements of the department. Two students per department are offered this TA and the selection is done by the respective Head of the Department under the guidelines provided to them. These selected PG students are assigned with academic load comprising of conduct of practical sessions of UG classes. Remuneration is paid as per the norms of the Institution.
5. Special concession in fees for children of MIT employees (Class III and Class IV) : As per the resolution made in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the G.S. Mandal, the Management has decided to continue the facility of concession in tuition fees to the wards of the non-teaching staff (employed at various Institutes / schools under G.S. Mandal) with the following amendment. This amendment is owing to the tenure, financial viability, financial health, admission status and few other critical factors of the respective Institutes / Schools run by the G.S. Mandal, Aurangabad. This amendment in extending the fees concession facility will be applicable from the academic year 2016-17 till further orders. The wards of the non-teaching staff employed at Institutes under G.S. Mandal, Aurangabad will be entitled to the concession in tuition fees subject to the following specific terms and conditions. The amount or extend of concession in the tuition fees to be offered will be as below:
1. The concession in tuition fees will be either Rs. 24,000/- or 30% of the tuition fees, whichever is minimum per annum in those Institutes which are established in or before the year 2001.
2. The concession in tuition fees will be either Rs. 18,000/- or 20% of the tuition fees, whichever is minimum per annum in those Institutes which are established after the year 2001 but before the year 2010.
3. The concession in tuition fees will be either Rs. 15,000/- or 10% of the tuition fees, whichever is minimum per annum in those Institutes which are established after the year 2010 but before the year 2015.
The above concession in tuition fees shall be extended to only those wards of the non-teaching staff, who do not avail any kind of scholarships or concessions in tuition fees from any Govt. / Non-Govt organizations or any other financial institutions.
6. Children from very poor families : It has been observed that every year few bright students having strong inclination and desire to pursue education are forced to leave the school / college only due to paucity of financial support from any source. Often, such students do not disclose this situation but simply walk away and go for seeking some kind of odd jobs. It is really disheartening to see such pathetic condition of our own fellow brothers and sisters. It is much more painful to see young talents devastated just for the sake of affordability issue. The disparity is disgraceful. We are a part of the society and definitely we owe something to the society, we can extend our contribution and help reduce this agony, if not eliminate it fully. In view of the above grim situation, a sincere appeal was made to propose an Endowment – a kind of fund raised by pooling contributions willingly from members of our Institutions. It was unanimously decided to create an Endowment Fund. The amount so generated or pooled will be exclusively utilized to support above mentioned under-privileged young talents. A special committee will be formed to channelize the disbursement of this fund to the deserving beneficiaries. Donations and contributions will be accepted and recorded under separate head in the accounts of the parent trust i.e., G.S. Mandal, Aurangabad. This trust, been registered under Charitable Trust Act, donors may be get some relief from the Income Tax, if applicable.