Solution Development

MIT Solutions Development Services

Existing technologies when integrated in an innovative and creative manner lead to new solutions. Quick turnaround, low development cost, easy adaption are the advantages of this service.
Various teams at MIT offer domain specific and interdisciplinary teams offer consultation and solution development services.
MIT invites industry problems which are solved through student and faculty participation. Solution delivery teams are constituted based on problem definition. These are short term goals achievable in 3 to 6 months and entail application of known technologies and engineering practices.
MIT students study community needs and come up with recommendations which then can be implemented through various agencies.
These may be divided into consultation services and solution delivery services. Currently Materials, Plastics and Polymer Engineering, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering departments offer consultation services.

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering: This is a consulting services initiative of Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (MME), which is working in collaboration with national and international organisations like Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT, Nagpur); Frounhofer Research Institute IPA, Germany; Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, (SIMTECH), Singapore; College of Engineering, Pune (COEP). The objectives of MME are:

  • To carry out research activities in shaping, making and treating existing and new materials.
  • To offer services to industries involving materials characterization and failure analysis.
  • Impart special in-house training in metallurgy and materials engineering

Polymer Engineering and Technology Solutions (PETS) : PETS is a consulting services initiative of Department of Plastics and Polymer Engineering (PPED), MIT towards providing product development and industrial research solutions encompassing:

  • Materials application and development
  • Research and New Product Development
  • Process Design
  • Reclamation Systems management
  • Regulatory Advice
  • On site/off site training
  • On site Trouble shooting services
  • Testing Services
  • Modernization and modification of existing plant and machinery
  • Technical studies and guidance
  • New projects on turnkey basis