MIT-Center For NDT

MIT is marching one step ahead in the field of Non Destructive Testing and Structural Audits. MIT has established good industry institute relations through various activities of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE), and Chamber of Marathwada Industries & Agriculture (CMIA)
Civil Engineering Structures are very expensive as well as it possesses high social and economical importance. A fly over bridge of simple configuration also needs today crores of rupees and it is also directly associated with thousands of lives at a time.
Every structure has its own design useful life but during lifespan, structures may get damaged due to various reasons and its strength may get reduced. Also, after completion of useful life span one has to take wise decision about destroying / dismantling the structure as construction of new is a costly affair.
To work on all such critical projects, MIT has established Center of Excellence in Non Destructive Testing and Structural Audit.
The equipments are:

  • Silver Schmidt PC type N Rebound Hammer with standard Accessories to assess Compressive strength of existing RCC/ Concrete/ Brick Masonry/ Stone Masonry Structures.
  • Pundit PL-200 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing Machine to locate and measure cracks in structures.
  • Profometer PM-650 Rebar Locator to locate steel reinforcement in existing RC structures and identify its diameter, if construction drawings are not available.
  • Profometer Corrosion to assess the condition of steel reinforcement in regard with corrosion and to know exact effective areas of cross section of steel reinforcement available for further life of structure.

The department of Civil Engineering is focusing on Structural Stability Audits of all structures.