CEO In Open Source Technologies


MIT open source academy is a program designed to mentor students in learning open source technology, giving consultancy service and developing project by using open source language, database, tools and operating system - cloud data. The Academy develops skill of applying theoretical know-how to solve real world problems.


• To promote open source software tools for developing solutions
• To enhance software design competency
• To develop industry ready human resources, to impart on demand training to working professionals
• To create platform for Industry, Government organizations, academia for support and service in open source domain
• To facilitate platform for international training and global certification in leading open source technologies


Contribution towards open source is one of the best ways a student can prepare for a job in the industry. The academy guides student in designing and developing solution using programming languages like Python, PHP, R programming, Ruby etc. database like MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Berkeley DB, Firebird etc. and software frameworks like Hadoop, Django, Flask etc.

Project Domains

The project domains of the academy are:
• Enterprise Linux, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Android Apps
• Secure Web Hosting Enterprise Server, Corporate Mail Server
• Digital Document Storage Solution
• Soft Freedom - Migration from Closed Source Software (CSS) to Open Source Software (OSS)


The academy has associations with eminent consultants, experts and faculty members who have been practicing open source tools.

Industry-Academia Partnership

In order to develop professionals in open source domain viz. Enterprise Linux, Server Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data etc. MIT has signed up the academic partnerships with open source visionary industry namely:
• Red Hat Inc., USA.
• Hortonworks Inc., USA.
• Cloudera Inc., USA.