MIT-Center for Industry Relevance in Polymer Science and Technology (M-CIP), Aurangabad

(A Micro enterprise of MIT)

Hands on Training on Industry Scale Machines

Micro Enterprises at MIT Aurangabad
Micro Enterprise at MIT is a new way of thinking about resources and responsibility. MIT is setting up many laboratories and facilities. The user while learning to use these facilities does it with some purpose. The purpose may be to render some service of value to the industry or community or to develop some product. The User takes responsibility to use resources productively and generate some surplus . Microenterprise in this sense encourages people to be responsible for what they do with the resources given to them. It rewards performers by giving them the authority to spend the resources they generated.
"It is a Micro Idea with Macro Impact"

M-CIP, Aurangabad: Taking Skill Development to the Next Level
MIT, Aurangabad- realizes its responsibility as an academic institute to work towards the twin objectives of-
   1.Enhancing employability in the area of plastic engineering through skill development trainings and manufacturing support
   2.Encouraging Entrepreneurship to students and new comers

With this goal, MIT, Aurangabad has established state of the art infrastructure, MIT-Center for Industry Relevance in Polymer Science and Technology (M-CIP)- an industry scale Plastic Manufacturing plant to nurture young talents with an entrepreneurial and global mindset.
In M-CIP students not only get technical skill of handling machines that the industry currently uses but get trained in core skill of communication across and within as well as professional skill expected of them. They learn about Quality Standards, Manufacturing standards and Policies, Safety policies, assurance and control and different ways and means to achieve these. Training in safety at work place is integral part of skill development courses at MIT, Aurangabad.
M-CIP at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad

Benefits to the industry
   Industry can recruit well trained students
   Industry can take the benefit of getting their own staffs trained

About different training programs at M-CIP
M-CIP conducts training programs for various levels and durations
1.Full time program of 2 to 6 months duration for
   Plastic Moulding Supervisor
   Plastic Moulding Operator / Technician
   Plastic Moulding Helper
2.Specialized short term course on (7 to 30 days duration)
   Injection Machine Operator
   Stretch Blow Machine Operator
   Roto-molding Machine Operator
   Industrial safety
3.Other than abovementioned training programs, M-CIP can develop tailor made training programs as per the requirement of industries.

Facilities at M-CIP

A state of Art PEB Heat insulated building of about 11,000 sq. feet area, M-CIP has ultra-modern machines. The facility is backed by material testing laboratory. It consists of a fully Equipped Training Hall.

Currently following machines are available:

Injection Moulding Machine
Type- Hydron Servo, Capacity- 450T, Make: Ferromatik Milacron have been installed at present.. There is a future plan to install a another

4 Higher capacity industrial grade Injection Moulding Machines.
Rotational Moulding Machine
MCIP houses EN-1000 Series Rotomoulding machine of Vinodrai Engineers Pvt Ltd, Jalna.
Roto Moulding Machine
Stretch-Blow Moulding Machine

Commercial Scale of capacity 60 ml to 2000 ml. ULTRA model from Raj Industries, Rajkot.
EOT-Crane of 5 Ton Capacity- ElectroMech Cranes, a Global manufacturer in Pune India.

Services offered at M-CIP
Training programs offered at MCIP are designed as per Sector Skill Council/Industry recommendation.
   Skill development training program for students and Industry staff
   Mould designing and testing
   Trial runs of Plastic Injection Mould products
   Consultancy for Industrial set up.
   Polymeric Material testing
   In-Plant Training for students

In a fast changing world students need to equip themselves with the required knowledge and skill sets which will help them deal with the change in a positive way, learn and adapt in their future life. MIT's endeavor is fulfilling needs of the students through education and skill development programs which enable them to lead a purposeful life.