Cloud Computing

Cloud computing or simply “the cloud” is innovation over internet era . It offers computing resources - ranging from hardware to operating system to application / service - to client as per demand. Billing happens as per use. e.g. google drive offers 10GB cloud storage to its email user at free. Google also renders the application like text editing, spreadsheet or presentation processing online i.e. in cloud. World’s first viable cloud solution was developed by Amazon ( ).

In 2010, NASA and Rackspace Hosting jointly developed the project “OpenStack” - a cloud operating system for creating and controlling public and private cloud. At 2015, the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit corporate entity manages this cloud os. More than 500 leading companies including IBM, Intel, Google, HP, Red Hat, Cray, Oracle, Suse Linux, CISCO, AT&T, VMware etc have joined the project OpenStack. To download software & the documents , kindly visit . To learn OpenStack, contact Prof Suresh Bhawar, MIT Red Hat Lab, 1st Floor, Library Building, MIT,

Aurangabad. email: