Center of Excellence in Green Energy

  • Motiv

    Global warming, depleting fossil fuel reserves, air pollution due to emission have been driving the global scientific community to find environmentally benign solutions to meet energy needs.

  • Objectives

    Green Fuel - Green Energy laboratory is working in collaboration with various organizations and individuals to develop technologies and engineer solutions including:

    • Proof of concept studies
    • Lab scale validation
    • Commercial scale plant design and execution
    • Develop alternative energy sources
    • Identify new feedstock sources for conversion in biofuel
    • Experiment with waste material with a potential for conversion in energy
    • Study alternative processes for improving economic feasibility
  • Facilities

    This laboratory is equipped with the following instruments and equipment which facilitate working; Double beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Kinematic Viscosity Bath, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Rotary Shaker, Shaker - Scigenics Biotech, Digital Oil Bath, Heating Mentl with stirr, Microscope and Autoclave. The Biodiesel Pilot Plant consists of Sonication system, Agitated Reactor, Condenser and distillation system.

  • Opportunities

    This laboratory has complete OneStep biodiesel technology development as a contract research project for Intio Fuel LLC of XLTECH Group USA. This technology can convert most of the lipids into biofuel in one step and tolerate water. It uses acid catalyst and does not need water to wash biodiesel. In case of for vegetable oil feedstocks no degumming is required.

    Following materials have been tested as feedstock:

    • Using waste stream FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)
    • Waste oils skimmed from wastewater
    • Animal fats
    • Used cooking oil
    • PFAD
  • Achievements

    Award of Excellence: Solar rooftop system, achieved “Vasundhara Award” by MEDA

A 1.2 Million Gallons per annum plant based on this technology was made in India and supplied to Initio Fuels LLC and installed at Kissimmee, in Florida, USA. Currently the lab is working on growing algae as a feedstock in waste water for conversion in Biofuel