Now, the World has been driven by Data ! All smart devices – not just computers – can talk and share information online, and interact with each other to make our lives easier, continues to generate big data every second. To store, process and analyse this big data various methodologies have been designed and practised. Yahoo! designed the “Hadoop” platform for handling big data with the help of inexpensive commodity hardware. For further development it was donated to Apache for open source movement.

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Today, learning Big Data has become the top priority for distinguished IT professionals, business analytics and graduates. There exists three tracks for learning Big Data : Administrator , Developer and Analytics / Data Scientist

International Training and Certification in Big Data have been imparted by many companies.Hortonworks and Cloudera are the most recognised for the Hadoop trainings. A student from MIT-E can learn Hortonworks programs ( HDP ) by contacting: Prof Prashant Band, Big Data Academy, 1st Floor, Library Building, MIT, Aurangabad. email: .

Cloudera’s program for undergraduate students is available for MIT - T. For further details, kindly contact : Prof Prashant Khosre, CSE Department, MIT-T. email: