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Central Library - General Rules
  • Student will keep on person identity card while in the library and will produce it Whenever demanded by the authority or security.
  • Students of sister Institutes are allowed entry in all section expect Issue and Return Such students will keep on person their I Cards and will produce before the authority or Security when demanded.
  • Students without I Cards are not allowed to enter in Library.
  • No student is allowed to carry any book or other material except a note book in Reference Section digital Library Section and Reading Room. Students will keep their Belongings outside these Sections at designated places at their own risk. However in Study Cubicles students are allowed to carry his/her own material for study.
  • Log books are maintained in Reference, Digital Library, Reading Room and Study Cubicles Before entering in to a Section, members will enter their data duly in these log books and sign.
  • Department are allowed to borrow maximum 100 books in an academic year from the Central Library that need to be retuned positively to the Library in mid-May every year For stock verification. HOD concerned will be responsible for such material issued.
  • Use Library property carefully, do not damage it, do not deface it or underline/ mark Sentences etc.
  • Please intimate Librarian immediately if any one is found in damaging or stealing the Library material.
  • All member will observe perfect silence in Library and avoid spitting, chewing tobacco speaking loudly etc.
  • Mobiles are not allowed in Library.
  • Maintain decorum of library, be polite, behave in descent manner and respect library staff.
  • All faculty members and staff will return all their books borrowed at the end of each semester to the Library for annual stock verification.
  • Members will have to return the books or any other material whenever demanded
  • If you have any constructive suggestion deposit it in the Suggestion box.
  • Students, faculty and staff are invited to make proposals for Library material purchases, and submit it to the Librarian.
  • Librarian will take necessary steps and encourage members if a member either wants some material from other Library on loan or to avail of facilities of some other Library.
  • The membership will be temporarily suspended by the Librarian if a member is found violating the above rules. The Librarian will issue a notice to this effect stating the reason there in to the defaulter. Librarian will forward the case to the Library Committee for final decision. The final decision will be given by the Library Committee within two weeks from the date of receipt of the Notice. If no decision is given within the stipulated time, the member is deemed to be absolved from the charges. The decision of the Library Committee will be binding on the member. However, member can file an appeal to Management against the Committee’s decision within seven days from the date of receipt of the decision.
  • Management/ Principal upon recommendations of the Library Committee is empowered as the case may from time to time, to edit, modify, delete, add, etc. any of the rules listed in this document