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Digital Library

The Digital Library is located in the Central library building and is having an excellent collection of e-books, e-Journals and Magazines.
MIT is pioneer in setting up of the digital library in the region. Digital library caters to the International Journals from Science Direct, ASME, ASCE, Springer Link, ASTM-Digital Library (DL) IEEE (Indian Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) J-Gate, McGraw Hill, Remote Access to University Library.

The Digital Library Section maintains a large Number of Digital collections like CD/DVD ROMS

List of E-resources-Subscription for 2015.
Sr.No Publisher Subject/E-Content URL Link
1 Science Direct 275 E- Journals Engineering + Computer Science
2 ASME ASME Journals Package 27 Journals Plus Back file to 2000
3 Springer Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science Engineering Collection Titles-149, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering
4 ASTM ASTM Digital Library (DEL)
5 J-Gate J-Gate Social and Management Science
6 IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package(ASPP) 161 Journals Plus Back file to 2005
7 ASCE ASCE Journals Package 35 Journals Plus Back files to 1983
8 Springer Mechanical Engineering Collection Titles-49, Back files from-1997-2014
9 McGraw Hill McGraw Hill’s Access Engineering
10 J-Gate J-Gate Engineering and Technology

Photos of Digital Library