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Admission Query:0240-2375109/135/375

Mastering XHTML and CSS
XHTML Syllabus
  • Understanding the World Wide Web
    • The relationship between browser and server
    • The roles of HTML, HTML, CSS, and other technologies used in Web development
  • XHTML page framework tags
    • <html> and </html>
    • The role of the <head>...</head> region
    • The role of the <body>...</body> region
    • Adding a title, meta keywords, and meta description tags
  • Text formatting and layout with HTML
    • Headings and subheadings
    • Paragraph text (including how to bold, italicize, and underline text)
    • Bulleted and numbered lists
    • Using attributes to align text
    • Setting up text regions with <div>...</div> and <span>...</span> tags
    • Padding vs margin
    • Floats
  • Working with images
    • Understanding the GIF, JPEG, and PNG image formats (and when to use them)
    • Positioning images on the page
    • Flowing text around images
    • Using a <div> or <span> region to position an image
  • Using tables to display grids of data
    • Positioning tables on the page
    • Turning grid lines on and off
    • Customizing the table's appearance
    • Creating table heading and table data cells
    • Configuring cells to span multiple rows or columns
  • Linking it all together
    • Creating links to other pages on your site
    • Creating links to pages on other sites
    • mailto: links (for sending email)
    • Techniques for automatically filling in the subject, cc:, and bcc: fields
    • Creating links to specific positions within the same page and other pages
    • Handling link management challenges
  • Fill-in Forms
    • The role of forms and how they interact with server-side programs
    • Techniques for effective form design
    • Creating text fields, text areas, password fields, and hidden fields
    • Designing radio button and checkbox sets
    • Adding lists and menus to your forms
    • Finishing the form with submit, reset, or image buttons
    • Discussion of how JavaScript can improve forms (by validating user input, performing calculations on entered numbers, controlling cursor tabbing order, etc.)
CSS Syllabus
  • CSS Implementation
  • Inline Styles, Embedded Styles and External Styles
  • Core Concepts of CSS
  • Basic Elements of CSS Design
  • CSS Building Blocks
  • Text Properties
  • Colours, Backgrounds and Images
  • Lists and Links
  • Basics of Designing a Layout and Types of Layouts

Please contact Mr. Sachin Rajput at 0240-2375128 (Server Room, MIT) to know the schedule of the training and fee structure.