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Prof. Dr. Y. A. Kawade

The Gramaudyogik Shikshan Mandal is established to create opportunities for the unprivileged and underprivileged young generation to have meaningful education and training. Answer to this is MIT. In the narrow spectrum of technical education, to create opportunities of learning may be a task of few years span in life of any individual.

However, it is a continuous, constant and lifelong process of learning in the life of an institution like MIT.

To keep pace of changes in knowledge and skills, the community has to have confidence in the courses which are offered, are enjoying highest standard and lead to meaningful careers.

This organization is striving for this goal. The worth of any organization depends upon what they know, rather than what they own.

To ensure this, MIT is doing its best through qualified, experienced and devoted faculty. This will infuse success into a specific program and also enrich its academic level within the hierarchy from entry level to final stage.

This organization is slowly transforming itself from a teaching institution to a place of full opportunities of learning institution.